Course Etiquette

Members and visitors are kindly reminded of our simple rules to ensure the safety of players and staff and for the protection and care of the course.


Protection of the Course

Trolleys and buggies should not be taken onto tees, greens, between greenside bunkers and the green, or on the fringes of the green. Increased traffic in these locations can cause damage to important playing areas of the course.
Divots should be replaced where possible to minimise pitted and uneven fairways.
Pitchmarks should be repaired as soon as possible to minimise long term damage to the putting surface.
Care should be taken when entering and leaving bunkers to avoid damage to the edges. Sand should be raked to produce a smooth even surface for the next player and you should avoid dragging the sand backwards to the edge. Rakes should be carefully placed in the bunker or on the stand provided after use.


Spirit of the Game

Players should behave in a disciplined and sportsman-like manner at all times, showing respect and consideration to others.
Do not move or talk whilst others are about to play.
Do not display signs of anger or frustration in an aggressive manner such as using bad language or throwing clubs.


Mobile phones

Mobile phones are not permitted  in the lounge or dining area for making and receiving calls. They are permitted to be used in the car park, entrance foyer, changing rooms and meeting room.
Mobile phones can be used anywhere in the clubhouse for other purposes such as text, emails & internet access but must be kept in silent mode.
Mobile phones should not be used on the golf course unless in the case of emergency.


Practising on the Course

Playing with more than one ball, or practising on the course is not permitted. There are designated practice areas available for practice.


Pace of Play

Maintain a good pace, keeping up with the group ahead.
If a ball is lost and the group behind are waiting to play, invite them to play through immediately.


It is everyone’s duty to police these issues and we invite all golfers to politely remind others should they be in breach of any of the points above.

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